Discover the NLP 

The AccuMatch neural-map exposes 49 behavior traits that show up in your clients' day-to-day life and work.

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Ready for more meta-programs?

AccuMatch maps 16 categories and 49 behavior traits.

Quick insights

Discover their motivators.  This 25-minute assessment will show the presence and exact levels of each of your client's traits.

Focused curiosity

With this information your discovery process is expanded into new areas. Traits that can take months to surface are exposed immediately.

Your Uniqueness

Your questions in the right areas lead to the right conversation. Laser focus your questions to identify blind spots and limiting beliefs quickly.

about ACCUMATCH Behavior Intelligence

Decades of Research and Development

The AccuMatch assessment exposes neural-programs in a way that quickly highlights average and extreme behaviors so you quickly hone in on blind spots and limiting beliefs.

It is these that ultimately become behaviors they act out unconsciously.Get the “How they got their Why” quickly:

  • You are armed with insights before you start your first session.​
  • Keep this is in front of you each and every session.

Coaching conversations start with curiosity.

Curiosity leads you to asking great questions and ultimately the conversation that supports the client reaching self-awareness and discovery.

  • Things happen after they reach that level of self-awareness.​
  • Things happen after they know the reasons for their behaviors.​
  • Coaching with you and this assessment can get them there quickly.

In coaching, you serve by asking great questions. Most coaches skim the surface. This assessment equips you for the depth in areas that AccuMatch highlights.

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Curiosity leads to Questions that lead to Conversations

The AM60 neural-map (aka AccuMatch) can expose individual traits, as well as combinations.

  • Expose how individuals interact.
    • When you coach a client you bring your meta-programs to each session. Imagine seeing in advance where you may inadvertently collude with your client (because we are all human).
    • Map leaders with their team members or individuals with their partners and instantly see collaboration or conflict.
  • Map culture, performance, engagement levels, and much more.
  • Develop your own benchmarks for almost any scenario.
  • Work with business owners on their leadership style or team challenges.
  • Add depth to your coaching with Executives, Boardroom, Teams, and more...
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Pricing Plans
Save 20%

Use this coupon code at checkout "D4JVQZ5NBF"

Foundation Training

Learn all 49 traits and
how these show up in coaching.



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